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Mita Adiabatische gaskoeler of condensor

> Adiabatic gas coolers/condensors

MITA is introducing a completely new range of adiabatic gas coolers / condensers for use in (mainly) mechanical cooling systems. These units are suitable for conventional refrig...

woman showing blue water drops

> Smart water saving in cooling towers

A cooling tower is using (or you can say consumes) water. There is no escape from that. The working principle of the tower is simply based on the evaporation of water. The re...


> Spatial benefits

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. Very often disadvantages are heard better than the benefits. And in different circumstances a benefit can be more or less impor...

Who we are

Varmeco is a young company but with experienced people, familiar with the market of cooling and contracting. So familiar that we give full system performance guarantee on the installations we design.

What we do

We deliver the complete range MITA quality cooling towers, standard, adiabatic or hybrid. Together with the customer we select the right system and, if desired, we also do the engineering, installation and maintenance. We assure an efficient, safe and reliable installation.

How it works

Easy, because we like it that way. We offer our and Mita’s knowledge and experience to realize an optimum operating cooling system. Either new designed or existing equipment!  Please contact us for more info or an  appointment. We cannot make it more simple!